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Persian Cat & Himalayan Cat Breed Information

Persian Cats Breed Profile (CFA)
Regal Cat Names Master List of Regal Cat Names, & links to many other sites of Cat Names
Persian Cats: Everything About Purchase, Care, Nutrition, Disease, and Behavior (Special Chapter : Understanding Persian Cats) (Paperback)
Guide to Owning a Persian Cat: Feeding, Grooming, Exhibition, Temperament, Health, Breeding (Paperback)

Cat & Kitten Care, Cat & Kitten Health Tips & Veterinary Information

Cat Behavior Questions - (Cat Health Information – Cat Training Tips)
The Cats We Love (Kitten's Lair, has many tips concerning caring & raising kittens)
Kitten Baby Care (How to care & raise an orphaned or sick kitten)
Rainbow Wildlife Rescue (helpfulAnimal Links)
Puppy and Kitten Education (helpfulAnimal Links)
Alphabetical Index of Cat Health Care Information
Mar Vista Animal Medical Center (The Pet Web Library...Offers specific topic index)
Cat Health Information by Condition or Disease
Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine (Feline Health Center)
Merck Veterinary Manual (Comprehensive Electronic Reference for Animal Care Information)
Pet Remedies (Natural Pet Remedies and Cures)
Homeopathic & Herbal Remedies and Health Care Advice
Cat Care Tips and Taking Care of your Cat (Offers topic search)
THE MESSYBEAST (Cat Health, Behavior, Cat Care)
Vet Technicians-Educational Resourses on Animal Health and Wellfare
JEROB - (Premium Pet Product, the ONLY grooming products we use on our Champions!)

Royal Canin USA Top Quality Feline Cat Food for all Stages of Cat's Life
Nutro Tailored Natural Nutrition

Persian Cat Clubs and Associations

CFA Persian Breed Council
Persian Cat Club (Persian Kitten Care & Information, Kitten Pictures, History of the Breed) (The Cat Lover's Online Directory)
Moggies - King Of The Cat Links Guide
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Persian Cat Rescues and Associations

    For those looking to add a persian kitten or persian cat, have a look at these great sites:
    *** CatNap from the Heart {Their policy is no limit for any animal!  They match the right pet with the
        right home, and do get Purebred Persian kittens and Persian cats}
    *** Pure Bred Cat Rescue {Specialty Purebred Cat Rescue, a 501c3 NON-PROFIT organization
         celebrating 10 years of finding quality homes for abandoned/surrendered purebred cats}
    *** Almost Home Foundation {An all volunteer, registered, not-for-profit 501c3 charity organization
        dedicated to rescuing stray and abandoned animals}
    *** PetSmart Charities® {PetSmart has adoptions every weekend, check your local Petsmart.}
    *** NatCat {National Cat Protection Society-shelter dedicated to the protection & welfare of cats.}

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