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persian kittens for sale

Persian Kittens for Sale:

Persian Kittens Spring/Summer 2019

We will have new kittens from CH Maksim & Paloma may 10, 2019. We are now taking names for our Waitlitst for our persian kittens. Have a look at the kittens we have had in our Persian Kitten Galleries, and that will give you an idea of what to expect ~more gorgeous, healthy persian kittensl!!!

Sign up for our Persian_Kittens_Newsletter, for persian kittens there is no deposit required and no obligation.  When signing up for our Persian_Kittens_Newsletter - (Adoption Form, Wait List) tell us what your purrfect kitten is, and all about yourself, so we can match the right kitten for you. Once we receive your information, we contact you to confirm receipt of your information, and add you to our Persian Kittens® Wait List. You will be notified of all kitten due dates, when they arrive & which persian kittens are for sale before its posted on our website. Our Persian Kittens Newsletter allows you to have the 'pick of the litter'
We are continually adding to our persian kitten photo & video galleries, and Proud Owners pages! Take the time to get to know us by reading all about us. Many questions can be answered on our home page, Champions Hall of Fame and in our FAQ page. If you need help navigating this site refer to The Persian Kittens ® Site Map.



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Here are two Kitten Calculator tools to help see when our kittens may be born, and the color possiblities-Try it it's fun!!!

                         Delivery Date Calculator                      Persian Kitten Color Calculator

persian kittens imagePersian Kitten Photo & Media Package

Persian Kittens® come with complimentary kitten care guides, kitten media package that contains: photo & video album on disc, your choice of color schemes & music. Persian Kittens personalized pedigree, color birth chart & horoscope with a personality profile, & a personalized Kitten Development Calendar~something your family will enjoy for many years.

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