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Persian Cats® CFA Persian Cat Champions!

The Persian Cat's Maxi

Persian Cat picture-MaxiMaxi is The Persian Cats resident CFA Champion Rock Star & Stud. Everyone who sees him wants him because of his ethereal good looks. We're often asked if he is "real." Maxi is a Lynx Cream Point Persian Cat, with bright, crystal blue eyes. Lynx points are currently the most sought after colors because there is very little facial "mask" coloring. CFA standards require breeders to show three generations of pure Persian/Himalayan colorpoint breedings in order to be eligible for championship competition. Saying Championship lines and actually being from Championship lines needs documentation. Championship titles mean the ancestor(s) met the breed standard. A pedigree with more titled ancestors is a better indicator of a controlled breeding programme. Maxi's parentage (pedigree) contains a long list of Persian/Himalayan Champions, and Grand Champions. Nivah-Tep bred the first Grand Champion in the Himalayan Category of CFA, and the Best of Breed Persian Cat Category. Many of Maxi's ancestors are from the Champions bred by Nivah-Tep. Maxi and his persian kittens possess all the criteria for champion as his previous generations.

Persian Cat ImageAt Maxi's very first show (Oct 13, 2007) for TICA, Maxi won Best of Division, Best of Color, and 2nd best of Breed. At Maxi's second show (Nov 10, 2007) for CFA, Maxi walked away with 6 First Place ribbons in his Division Class. Maxi is now a Champion and well on his way in keeping with his Championship and Grand Championship tradition that his parentage established.

Persian Kittens Image of FabianPersian Kittens ® Newest Champion~FABIAN!

Fabian's First show as an Adult, he won 6 Best in Class~Persian Himalayan, & 6 First Place Best in Color~Persian Himalayan. CH Fabian is a One Show CFA Champion. We are so proud of our little persian kitten doll. All the judges loved him. (CH Fabian is pictured with CFA Judge Robert Bryan).

Flame Point Persian Himalayan Kittens FabianCH Fabian was a little flirt at his Championship Show. He wanted to visit with all the cats that were benched around him. In this picture, he walked casually out to his grroming table to say Hi to the Siamese Cat sisters on one, one of which Granded at this show!

Flame Point Persian Himalayan CatCH Fabian was so sweet, and posed with all the children that came by who wanted to take pictures with him. Fabian has definitely become a PERSIAN KITTENS®.  His disposition is becoming just like Maxi.  He lets us do anything to him-kiss, cuddle, & groom. Fabian also loves to groom us, and he especially loves to groom the new kittens, which really helps Mommie Coco. CH Fabian and CH Rocky take turns helping Coco with grooming the newborn kittens-it really is an amazing site to see two male persian cats raise kittens!

Flame Point Persian Himalayan Kitten FabianCH Fabian is a Flame Lynx Point Persian Himalayan Kitten, with huge light blue eyes and amazing long fur. He is only 5 months old in this picture. Fabian has a very impressive Pedigree, nearly every relative is a Grand Champion or Champion (mostly Grand!). Fabian will be our next Rock Star Champion Stud!  CH Maxi loves Fabian & watches over him-Maxi treats him as one of his kittens-it is so cute to see.

Persian Kittens Image of Fabian Fabian's First show as a Kitten, he won 8 Best in Class, 8 First Place Best in Color, and 3 First Place Best of Breed~Persian Himalayan. Check back to see Fabians show wins grow! A Grand Thank You to Carolyn Baker of Sandypaws Himalayans, for her mentorship and wise guidance!!!

persian kittenRexx is our CFA Persian Cat Champion!

The Persian Kittens® newest CFA Champion is from the same line as Maxi. Rexx has 10 first place Winning Ribbons, 10 wins for Best in Breed, and 10 first place wins for Best in Color. Maxi and Coco's kittens are all Championship quality and purrfect!

Persian Kittens ImagesRexx is just as beautiful as Maxi, and has the same sweet, gentle, yet playful purrsonality. Rexx is The Persian Kittens® newest Rock-Star stud.  Rexx's Pedigree has the same rich and long history of Champions, and Grand Champions. We are so happy and proud to show our Champion Rexx! His first kitten with Champion Maxim is Alexis~Lexie. Lexie is one of the most purrfect and beautiful, and smart kittens The Persian Kittens® has ever had! The addition of Rexx to The Persian Kittens® is promising to bring us even more of the fabulous persian kittens we have been known for!

persian kittens CFA Champion MaximMaxim our 1st Home Grown CFA Persian Cat Champion!

The Persian Kittens® is proud to show our CFA Champion Maxim. CH Maxim is just like her Daddy Maxi. Our beautiful little girl won 8 First Place Ribbons, and 8 First in Division Wins in a very crowded Persian Cat field! Every one who saw her fell in love with her. Maxim's little look-a-like sister Priscilla came. Priscilla will be one of our future Champions. Maxim is now CH Maxim!

Persian Kitten Maxim-ChampionCH Maxim has an elegant, proud walk. Her coat of fur is the most amazing persian cat fur ever! She has a thick under coat and super glossy top coat. Ch Maxim rarely needs to be groomed, her fur is so carefree. But she does LOVE to be combed and pet. She loves to watch us get ready in the morning, and wants to be groomed too!  She is our little shadow, and will follow us everwhere-including the shower. CH Maxim and her little look-a-like sister CH Priscilla are our two beautiful bookend Persian Kittens. Our Beautiful girls love to be held and kissed together. Our Beautiful girls love to be held and kissed together. The girls are an amazing beautiful site. We love to watch them play, chase & groom each other.

Persian Kitten Maxim-Champion CH Maxim has a sweet & gentle personality. Maxim will also help her mommie Coco nurse and take care of the kittens. Maxim is a great mother like her mother Coco. They will both take turns caring for each other's kittens-there is no competition-only care and cooperation-which is very rare! CH Maxim is a Princess Kitten. She is purrfect not only in looks ~ in purrsonality too!  She has so much energy, and is always willing to play. Ch Maxim is a fantastic hunter, if there is anything that flys in the house, she won't stop till she catches it! One time she brought in the house the end of a cat tail plant from the yard, it looked like a live mouse-the whole neighborhood heard that scream!

Picture of Persian Cats RockyRocky our 2nd Home Grown CFA Persian Cat Champion!

The Persian Kittens® 2nd home grown CFA Champion is Maxim's brother Rocky. CH Rocky has 11 first place Winning Ribbons, 11 wins for Best in Breed, & 11 first place wins for Best in Color. Ch Rocky has grow into a Regal looking Persian Cat!  His mane is so thick & looks like a Lion's Mane! Maxi and Coco's kittens are all purrfect Champions!

persian kittenCH Rocky loves to play, and we love to play with him. He catches the ball, and will control it like a soccer player. It's amazing to see how much control he has! We love to play with all our Kittens and Cats, all the exercise they get is what keeps our Champions healthy! In this picture of CH Rocky, he's in the air trying to fetch a ball. He is fascinated by everything that moves. When we take him for rides in the stroller, he loves to meet new people, and welcomes all the attention-especially from girls that can't help but want to kiss him!

Persian Kittens ImagesCH Rocky has a very animated face. He will look at you and you can see different expressions-especially since his face and eyes are so big. It's like looking at a person. When you talk to Rocky-he looks you in the eyes and seem to understand your thoughts. Rocky will get on our chest and hold our neck as he looks you in the eyes and nuzzles and purrs.  It like cuddling with a person-he is a little lover.  Rocky even tries to groom his Daddy, and his mother.  He even helped his sister Maxim with her first kitten Lexie.  Rocky can be seen in some of the birthing videos helping us clean the newborn kittens!

Persian Kittens Rocky and little brotherCH Rocky loves to play, groom and cuddle with his little persian kitten siblings! He is amazing in that he will take care of the newborn kittens just like his mommie. He has a "maternal instinct"  for the kittens. If one kitten goes too far from the other kittens-Rocky will herd them back. CH Rocky will cuddle and nap with all our Persian Kittens.  He is the most like his Daddy CH Maxi, but has the extreme caring persoanlity and coloring of his mother Coco. Our persian kittens adjust so quickly in their new homes especially those with other pets-because of the intense loving & caring environment we have at The Persian Kittens ®. 

Persian Kittens Picture of Champion PriscillaPretty Priscilla our 3rd CFA Persian Cat Champion!!!!

The Persian Kittens ® Newest CFA Persian Cat Champion is our petite  5.5 lb. little Kitten Priscilla. Maxim and Rocky's little sister has all the Champion qualities that she inherited from her long Distinguised Champion Persian Cat line. CH Priscilla won 6 First Place Winning Ribbons in both her Division Class & 6 First place in her Color Class (Cream Point Himalayan-Persian). Cream Point Himalayans are much lighter than Flame Point Himalayans.

Picture of Persian Kittens PriscillaMaxim and Rocky always treat Priscilla as the baby cat of the house, even when we have newborn kittens. Priscilla has grown to look like her sister CH Maxim, sometimes is hard to tell them apart! We are so proud to call Priscilla our Pretty little Champion. Petite CH Priscilla is a big ray of sunshine-always ready to be kissed-it's hard not to she is so cute and always loves kisses!

Persian Kittens PriscillaPriscilla has the most luxurious thick coat we've ever had. She loves to be carried like a baby. When we put our face up to hers, she always gives a kiss! She is an absolute bundle of joy and entertainment. She makes toys out of simple things around the house. CH Priscilla likes to retrieve her little white mouse. We throw it, and she pounces and brings it back to be thrown again! Besides being so playful, she is a sweet little darling. We are so fortunate to have her!!! Maxi and Coco's kittens always have purrfect Designer Persian Kittens!

Persian Kittens CocoCoco~Mommie of The Persian Kittens ® Home Grown CFA Persian Cat Champions!

We can't show all our Champions without showing our Beautiful Persian Cat Coco Chanel~mommie of all our Home Grown Championship Persian Cats! Coco a Blue-Cream Point Himalayan Persian Cat! Coco hasn't been shown, but we think of her as a Champion Mommie.

persian kittens CFA Champion?Who will be our next CFA Persian Cat Champion?

Who will be our next Champion?  Can you guess?  We will be helping show some of our Proud Owners with showing their Persian Kittens they have adopted from us. We will update this section when they win!

Persian Kittens Image of maxi and his kittenBesides his fine bloodline, Maxi is the most adorable, sensitive, and affectionate cat anyone could ever hope for. Maxi gives kisses anytime he is asked. He watches over and protects his family, humans included. He fetches his playball on command. He loves to take naps, and cuddle with us while watching TV, or anytime we're not feeling well--he knows when we need his comfort. We are truly blessed to have Maxi in our lives. Maxi teaches his kittens to behave just like him, and they are as affectionate! Maxi's kittens follow him everywhere and do everything he does. It's too cute! All his kittens are turning out to be just like him in every way. There is research and an interesting study that supports the fact that friendly well socialized kittens come from friendly fathers. We agree!!! All Maxi's kittens have outgoing, sweet personalities. All those that have adopted his kittens from The Persian Cats® are amazed at how smart and at how well his kittens get along with children and other family pets as soon as they arrive in their new homes, and new families tell us that all of their "expectations were exceeded!"   {All persian kitten pictures are downloadable, just click each persian kitten picture and download the full image}

We hope you enjoyed seeing our Champion Persian Cats and Persian Kittens!!!