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persian cat Persian Cats ® is where you will see our beautiful CFA Champion Persian Kittens and Persian Cats. ***(anytime you see a CH before our Persian Cat's name that means that Cat has won the title of Champion)*** PLEASE VISIT OUR PERSIAN KITTENS AVAILABLE PAGE. We take pride in raising Beautiful Healthy Kittens in our cageless-no cat enclosures home where the needs of our Persian Kittens are at the forefront of all we do. Our Persian Cats are never isolated in any way and allowed to go anywhere they want to go in our clean stress free, environmentally friendly home. All our Persian Kittens & Persian Cats are members of our family, and cared and loved for as our own children. We intentionally limit the amount of breeding cats we have. We are small so that we can devote all our attention to our Persian Kittens & Cats. Our Persian Cats are our cherished pets, which is why we never have "retired" cats. We are Persian Cat Breeders with more than 2 decades of breeding and show experience, & over 3 decades of both human and feline nutrition experience. We specialize in the most sought after and rare lynx color point persians:cream lynx points, flame lynx points, lilac lynx points, lilac cream lynx point persians, and chocolate lynx point persian kittens. Our cream points are especially light and look like pure white persian kittens. Our girl kittens are very petite, and grow to an average of 5-6 lbs, & our boys get to be 9~11 lbs at the heaviest.

white persian cat Persian Cats ® are a Designer Persian Cat
Persian Cats ® Kittens have very distinct looks~sweet wide open faces, full kissable cheeks, & big round expressive crystal blue eyes. All our Persian Kittens have plush, elegant, long full and glossy coats, thick full lions manes-also called "rough," & flowing thick tails-which look like fox tails. We have worked to "design" a persian kitten that meet Champion Persian Cat Breed Standards without extreme faces! The Persian Cats ® has the most adorable persian cat pictureand loving kittens you'll ever experience. Not only are our kittens lap kittens that purr as soon as they are touched, they are also very playful, outgoing & attentive, and love to follow you around~they act a lot like little puppies! We are rewarded everyday with the immense love of our Persian Cats and Kittens, and rewarded by the updates of the Proud Owners or our our Persian Kittens. (read more comments & updates about our persian kittens in our Proud Owners page), (See our affectionate & smart kittens doing tricks such as high fives in our persian kitten videos)
persian cat image Persian Cats ® Champion Lines
Persian Cats® In an effort to maintain the integrity of the Persian Cat Breed and health of our mother and her kittens, limit the amount of times actual mating occurs. We want the best in looks, health, genetics, and want to maintain The Persian Cats ® CFA Championship lines. Play and interation increases physical coordination and social skills. The kittens are touched and played with everyday, we sing to them, we include the kittens in all family activities, bathe, groom, massage (yes massage--they all love it and it has been found to heal sick and shy kittens!). None of our cats or kittens are ever shaved because we include comb outs into their daily interaction and play activities. Which is one of the reasons all our kittens love to be touched and never shy away from people. Mommie is massaged while she nurses-which makes "happy milk," and happy kittens! Our kittens are taught not to scratch or jump on furniture, and are litter AND toilet trained at 6 weeks-(no more scooping cat litter means a cleaner home and less allergies!). persian kittens photosPersian Cats® mother Coco and father CH Maxi (read more about our Star and CFA Champion) and older siblings help raise our persian kittens, and are always kept together as seen in the natural settings in all our persian kitten photos. Daddy CH Maxi always watches over his beautiful, precious persian kittens!

Persian Kittens in a StrollerPersian Kittens ®Love Strollers & Carriers
Persian kittens are taken out for rides in the car, and in a pet stoller for long walks. Our persian kittens usually will walk into their carriers, because of the positive experience they've had with us, and love to travel.

persian cats with childrenPersian Kittens ® with Children
Persian Cats® introduce our persian kittens to children and other family pets early so they will get along in all family situations. Our kittens are patient & tolerant with children. We have no alpha, or dominant personalities. Under no circumstance is a kitten or cat at The Persian Cats ® ever disciplined! There is no need to when a kitten is in a stress free home & knows only love and positive reinforcement. All our kittens are well behaved and make loving, affectionate, devoted loyal family companions.

persian cats Persian Cats ® Natural Approach
Persian Cats® take a natural holistic approach for our Kittens Nutrition. All kittens & cats are fed a special hand prepared, high protein, no carb, raw diet (no wheat, corn, or soy fillers and everything is USA made only!)  We use only local farm raised grass-fed fresh meats-not frozen. We supplement their diet with high grade vitamins & minerals, including DHA Omega 3 fish oils for brain power, and herbs from our own garden for organic catnip. We don't have to worry about pet recalls. They only drink purified water, (purified water makes their eyes and coat bright and shiny, and reduces tartar buildup). Read more about how we maintain optimum health for our Persians Kittens in The Persian_Kittens_Diet©!   All this makes a solid foundation for a well adjusted, happy, healthy, playful and loyal persian kitten that can easily fit into any new loving home. If all kittens were given the foundation we have given our kittens, there would be no unwanted kittens.

persian kittens Persian Kittens ® Health Guarantee
Persian Kittens are given a health-guarantee, and a Certified Health Certificate signed by a state licenced Veterinarian verifying the perfect health of all our persian kittens. Our Persian Kittens go home at 12-16 weeks, are Vet checked, de-wormed, current on shots. We guarantee NO problems. We want you to be happy with our kittens, which is why we offer a life-time of " kitten tech support." As a registered CFA cattery, a CFA pedigree for each kitten is available certifying it as a purebred Persian Kitten from our Champion and Grand Champion lines. A Purebred Cat is a cat whose ancestors (usually over 3 to 5 generations) are the same breed. A Persian Cat without an established and registered pedigree is classed as a domestic longhair cat. A pedigree is the only way to ensure a kitten is indeed a purebred Persian Kitten, without a pedigree, you may just be getting an expensive long haired domestic kitten.  All The Persian Kittens are Certified PUREBRED PERSIAN CATS! Make sure to read our guide on how to choose persian cat breeders.

persian kittensPersian Kittens ® Persian Cat Breeders of Excellence
Persian Kittens ® are not merely "Persian Cat Breeders," we are raising kittens that will be loving family members. We strictly follow our Responsible Persian Cat Breeders Statement, that we have developed and refined after many years. Our cattery is FeLV/FIV negative, Cardiomyopathy negative, and Radiologist and DNA Certified ~ PKD Negative. We are proud to display our CFA_Cattery_of_Excellence_Certification. This certification means we have gone far beyond the requirements for a cattery. We take this very seriously. We consider The Persian Kittens ® much more than a cattery, The Persian Kittens ® is a home, where our beautiful kittens and cats live and thrive. This distinction shows in the health, condition and temperament of our kittens. It would be difficult to find cuter, healthier, and happier kittens! We have the Best~See for yourself! Feel free to to look and visit often Persian Cats & Kittens ®

Enjoy your visit at The Persian Cats®!

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